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Chicago Travel Guide: Things To See, Do & Eat



(groans) Good morning  We gotta catch a flight  Let’s go!  Hey everyone!  Today we’re catching a 2 hour flight  out of Toronto to Chicago  for our very first weekend in the Windy City  [beat-driven music]  [flight attendant speaking inaudibly]  We made it to Chicago  Gotta pick up our bags  then check in to the hotel  For this trip, we’ve booked a room at the W Chicago City Center  We made it to our hotel!  Chicago is considered the birthplace of modern architecture  and like so many of the businesses downtown  the W was converted from a historical building  to a modern, stylish hotel that still pays tribute to its roots .


So it’s raining  -I just got in the face by someone’s umbrella  Our first stop is a well-known landmark in Chicago  Made it to Millennium Park  There’s a skating rink  and of course  a giant  bean!  Look, I can wear this bean like a hat  (laughter)  I’ve got a beanie  -Punny!  Alright, let’s check out the Art Institute of Chicago  For this weekend, we’ll be using the Chicago City Pass  which gets us access to all the major tourist attractions  like The Art Institute of Chicago  one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States  There’s stuff you might recognize, and then…  I definitely thought this was supposed to be art  until I realized that they removed it.


Looking for Tommy and Cody, where are they?  Right over here! Right over here!  Our next stop is 360 Chicago in the John Hancock Building  which offers views of the city from 94 floors up  We made it!  We’re going up  It was 45 seconds  -Oh! (laughter)  This is so romantic  -Feels super romantic  There we are!  Oh my God  (groaning)  We got the best view of the parade  Is that a Finding… oh no, that’s not Nemo  What is that, a Nutcracker?  Now it’s time to grab some food and drinks at the Chicago Athletic Association  an upscale hotel in a restored Gothic-style building.


It’s got various spaces to explore with some amazing food and drinks  and you don’t need a be a guest of the hotel to check it out  We’ve had a packed first day  and I’m so ready to just melt into this bed  See you tomorrow!  So I just realized  I’ve been drinking hot water  because I forgot to put my teabag in  Oh my goodness  (laughter)  Oh my God!  Woo!  It’s chilly in Chicago  -Windy City, am I right?  Windy City  We’re going to go up to the Skydeck  Capture some stellar views  So, couldn’t go up the tower because  it’s too windy  Alright, we’re heading to Daly Plaza  to check out the Christkindlmarket  Woop!  We got these cool souvenir decorative mugs  I think a leaf just flew into one  That’s great!  It’s so cold and I double-socked it  (laughter)  We’re on our way to try a Chicago essential  The hot dog!

Let’s go!  [crowd ambience and music]  Alright we’ve got our Chicago-style hot dog  We’ve got a lot of different ingredients in there  And let’s try to just take a bite  (laughter)  I ate the whole pepper!  My mouth’s on fire!  Alright we’re heading to Garrett’s to try some Chicago-style popcorn  We’ve got caramel and cheese  an interesting combo  It’s real cheese!  -I don’t want to do this!  Cheers!  It’s not bad  Sweet and savoury  -That’s really cheesy  Cheese is legit though  I would recommend 2 caramel to 1 cheese  John just found us the most epic view  of the Chicago skyline  (screaming)  Museum Campus is where you’ll find some of Chicago’s most notable attractions  and some great views  Navy Pier!  We’re going to go up the ferris wheel  Let’s go!  … 2… 1…  Thank you!


Alright, getting in  The ferris wheel at Navy Pier offers some great views of the city and the shoreline  but now it’s time for the best part  Gonna get deep-dish pizza, but first  gotta scarf down these fries we just bought  Oh my goodness  Oooh  Woo!  We’re at the bar  -This is a Chicago thing, straight up Chicago  Alright, we’re going to do this Chicago shot  Malört  Cheers!  Jesus!  (laughter)  That’s awful!  We had such a fun first weekend in Chicago but I know there’s so much more to explore  and I’m looking forward to visiting again soon  and checking out some of the many neighbourhoods and local experiences that Chicago has to offer  Thanks for watching  If you liked this video don’t forget to subscribe to gunnarolla on YouTube  and check back next week for another adventure

Chicago Entertainment

I’m Amanda puck and I’m going to take  you on a virtual tour of Chicago’s  nightlife welcome to pops for champagne  i’m here with tom beer hey who’s the  owner of this great place so tell me how  you came up with a new with the concept  of pops champagne always is kind of a  drink of celebration what pops has been  able to do with what we do here is bring  it down to a casual elegance and really  make it an everyday drink so pops truly  as made Chicago realize that champagne  is for every day and you know people  really understand there’s always  something to celebrate.


There really is  always a reason to have shampoo it is  your great trip to Chicago there that’s  right enjoy your honor you’re away from  home and work and you’re enjoying your  car with the great weather and the great  hospitality the Midwest there’s always  something to celebrate welcome to ino at  the hotel intercontinental I’m here with  Scott harney who’s a wine director and  three words wine chocolate and cheese  yes let’s talk about the wines we have  right now a little bit 800 ones you  should do about 45 to 55 by the glass.


You can give Ryan in flights like this  so it’s a little more than a glass a  chance to try three different wines most  people get a flight and then we’ll pick  a glass and then a lot of people take a  bottle to go so justly sell retail so  you can come in and enjoy and take it  with you yes that’s brilliant I love it  um most of flights are things you don’t  usually see other places we do a lot of  really small production we usually  feature one winery for a few months of  the year very small family-run that we  can have the family come visit us well  we have an event where they can go  around and mingle with the guests good  wine makers here you have cheese mail  this year that’s really so they can  interact with the guests and answer  questions in  and it’s just nice to have a personal  relationship you coming here you’re  really getting something special and  welcome to the terrace at Trump at the  Trump International Hotel and Tower  Chicago.


Look at all these gorgeous  people around me enjoying the city’s  best cocktails and one of the best  skyline views this city has to offer  right behind us is the chicago tribune  tower and this way we have a straight  shot of navy pier it’s one of Chicago’s  hottest tourist destination and it’s a  great place to swing by for a quick bite  and an amazing dessert if you come here  on a wednesday or saturday night you’ll  have the best view of the fireworks  did you know that Chicago is the blues  capital of the world up here at buddy  guy’s legends a new location that just  opened up a few weeks ago and i’m here  with the manager Brian Padden fine how  are you tonight doing very well thanks  I’m so excited to be here in this live  music venue I hear you play music seven  days a week here we do seven days a week  live blues all year long a lot of good  groups coming through here think we have  the best in blues.


Yeah I mean this is  the premier blues club in the world so  we try to only get the top Taylor and  I’m looking around and I see all these  postcards and pictures and guitars so  it’s a little bit about the memorabilia  um well all these guitars are given to  buddy from famous people who played the  club there have all been through the  club they all come in here they love the  place they love buddy so I am in front  of one of the hottest places in Chicago  the place where you’re bound to see a  celebrity when you’re in town the  underground and i’m here with general  manager ben newbie i’m proud to say is  also and my close friends it was happy  to be here tonight how are you I’m great  Marv it’s always been the Saturday night  so tell me about the table service that  you do know what we do is we can we have  these own kind of a cocktail caddies  which we take out to the tables then we  make up like fresh Cosmopolitan’s fresh  mijitos and the st. Germain cocktail.


At  an awesome nap syndicate as well so yeah  it’s great lots of fire smells of orange  flames and yes it’s an exciting thing to  eat and they taste really good which is  the most important part all right Ben  the suspense is killing me I can’t wait  to get down there and check it out so  why don’t you go see you my name is on  the left all right  night  group at the Wynn Hotel is a perfect  indoor and outdoor lounge known for  their city views specialty cocktails and  fire pits in River North manor are  roaring 20s meets modern scenes will  soon become your home away from home  request a favorite song sip cocktails  people watch or sing at the top of your  lungs at the redhead piano bar boys  sound in lakeview known for its colorful  nightlife great bars and hot spots like  Roscoe’s inside track is the first  officially recognized gay village in the  US Green Mill a famous jazz club in  Chicago’s uptown is reminiscent of the  s and 40s and filled with the sounds  of the greatest jazz musicians of all  time.


West Loop bar bottom lounge is a  two-story bar restaurant and live music  venue with the volcano room a rooftop  Tiki themed bar with city views owned by  a group of rock and roll musicians  angels and kings a river north is a bar  and club house for musicians and fans  alike an intimate blues club blue  Chicago and River North host mini  chicago-based artists and has a dance  floor if you’re in the mood small bar in  the east village boasts an impressive   varieties of beer it’s the perfect  watering hole for European football fans  serving a hearty breakfast of Guinness  and eggs for those Saturday morning  games located in the dana hotel.


Vertigo’s design of a penthouse party  pad both expansive city views fire pits  and a screening room featuring retro  movies  lakeview bar schubas plays live music  every night of the week ranging from  honky-tonk two ND hungry grab a bite at  the Harmony grown in Chicago’s River  North neighborhood andis dad’s is a  premier music venue with live music  seven days a week with afternoon and  evening performances there is so much  more to do in Chicago so come visit us  and see for yourself

Chicago Travel Guide | Things to Do, Attractions, Nightlife, Museums, Jazz, Theater and More



As the third-largest city in the United  States Chicago Illinois has no shortage  of fun things to do for travelers follow  along with where as we explore the top  things to do in the Windy City start  your morning off at Millennium Park in  the heart of Chicago while you’re there  take the obligatory selfie at Cloud Gate  aka the beam this gleaming stainless  steel sculpture has been an icon of the  city since its creation in 2006 in  winter months lace up your skates at the  McCormick Tribune ice rink located in  the park just steps away from Cloud Gate  the rink is open November through March  and offers affordable skate rentals  making it perfect for friends couples  and families a short walk south on  Michigan Avenue from the ice rink is the  famous Art Institute of Chicago.


The  museum houses more than 300 thousand  works of art and includes such famous  pieces as American Gothic by Grant Wood  and Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks  test your fear of heights at 360 Chicago  in the John Hancock observatory with  their latest feature tilt grab the rail  and hold on as you are leaned forward to  get a new perspective on the city if  your fear of heights still hasn’t been  met then head to the tallest building in  the city the Willis Tower formerly known  as the Sears Tower the Willis Tower  offers amazing views of the city and is  most recently known for its glass  balcony sky deck sky deck is open 365  days a year if you dare  get your fill with Chicago’s most famous  food deep-dish pizza developed in the  s this city staple has been filling  Chicagoans bellies for decades we  recommend a slice from one of the city’s  cornerstones Pisano’s  once you’ve had your fill hop aboard the  untouchable store for a two-hour guy  through Chicago’s underbelly this  gangster led tour explores some of the  city’s most famous organized crime spots  and tells the tales of such men as John  Dillinger and of course Al Capone.


Chicago’s winters are notoriously cold  and what better way to warm up then  inside the Garfield Park Conservatory it  features six multifaceted greenhouses  with thousands of species of plants and  two grand exhibit halls in the Midwest  Chicago is the go-to destination for a  theater scene that rivals Broadway in  New York venues like the Chicago theater  and Steppenwolf theater have been  entertaining people for decades if  comedy is more your style stop by the  world-renowned  Second City this ensemble theater is  famous for producing such talents as  John Belushi and is one of the  longest-running comedy clubs in the  country  nothing says Chicago quite like the  beautiful sound of jazz and there’s no  better place to hear this classic sound  than the jazz showcase in downtown.

It  offers two shows almost every night of  the week need a tip on how to end your  evening in Chicago pick up on the city  style at a speakeasy the Green Door  Tavern is one of the city’s oldest  establishments and was built after the  Chicago Fire in 1872 to get the full  experience head downstairs and give a  knock on the bookcase to reveal a hidden  area these are just a few of the many  fun attractions Chicago has to offer for  more information about this great city  visit us at we’re traveler calm and be  sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel  you

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